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Gratitude for Stacy Carsello on Kitchen Remodel

“Stacy, I love the results of our finished kitchen remodel. Thank you for all the help you gave me on this project. I really appreciate your efforts! I will be happy to recommend you and your company to any of my friends who are looking to remodel. Thanks again.”

– Grace K.

Appreciation for Mark Johnson

“I just wanted to take the time to thank you (Mark Johnson) for coming to my home to take a look at the bathroom cabinet fronts. I received four new cabinet front doors and one new pull drawer front as well. I am very grateful for your efforts to help me solve my cabinet problem. As your business card says, your company delivers value, keeps promises and strives to be the best. If I ever remodel my kitchen or bathrooms, I will definitely purchase the cabinetry through your company. I will also not hesitate to recommend your company to friends and relatives. In an economy where people must be conscientious of their purchases, it is refreshing to find out firsthand that Seigle’s stands behind their products. Again, thank you for your assistance!”

– Tanya F.

You Made My Life Much Easier

“Mark Johnson, I can’t tell you how much it meant for you to drive in from Elgin (in the rainstorm no less) to see what was going on with my cabinets. I have never had such good customer service. You are very good at your job! I hope your business continues to grow for years.You made my life much easier.”

– Trudy M.

My Completed Organizational Center Using Seigle’s

“Dear Edward, I thought you might be interested in my completed message and organizational center post on my blog. The center uses the cabinet that I purchased from you. I love how it all turned out. Here is the address of my blog- Sew Much to Give“.
– Deborah D.

We Speak Highly of Seigle’s

“I would like to recognize Mike Manke for his support and undivided attention to detail in our kitchen design. My wife and myself are very excited especially as we are putting the kitchen together ourselves. It has been a comforting process being able to work with Mike to see our ideas transform on paper, there were many, and come to fruition. As the weeks have unfolded we are able to visualize our new kitchen with each incremental piece of the puzzle in place. Now that the appliances have arrived, final assembly is a short time away. Thanks again to the folks at Seigle’s. We are sure many of our friends will be inquiring about our new kitchen, we will speak highly of how they came to be.”
– Marc S.

Recognition for Great Service

“Amazing setup. We talked about your showroom all the way home. Our needs were small but we both were amazed at the personalized service and true concern we received from your associate.  She was personable and you could see she enjoyed her job.  I’ve always been a believer in giving recognition for good service.”

-Rich and Donna

Impressed by Seigle’s top-notch service

“I wanted to take a moment to drop you a line. In my line of work, I meet many CEOS, business owners, etc. I have never come in to an employer, as a businessperson, or as a customer and had company owners introduce themselves, be thanked for my business by them, and then receive their personal contact info. Frankly, it was extremely impressive and from my personal experience that attitude has also been what I experienced with Stacy Carsello, up in Mundelein. Even though my purchases have been very small, the service has been absolutely top notch.

I can guarantee that moving forward, maybe in several years, if I needed to do a kitchen remodel; I would come back to your team, because of the kindness that was shown to me by you as company President and Stacy in sales. While I have only needed to purchase small items, I felt as if I had spent tens of thousands of dollars. Plain and simple, it is just smart business and really impressive.”

– Brad G.

Experienced fantastic service

“Fantastic service!! Fifteen years ago we used Seigle’s to design and provide cabinets for our kitchen. We were thrilled at the time with the quality of the service and cabinets, including the 120 or so hinges. After over 15 years of use, some of the hinges began to fail. When the first ones failed, I contacted Seigle’s and they immediately sent out replacements. Just this past August I called again to say that more of the hinges were not working. By the end of the week, I had a box with enough pieces to replace every single hinge as needed. I believe this is an example of very unusual customer care-taking. Thank you so much for your help. We loved working with you when we did the kitchen and this is the second time you have helped us out.”

– Judith L.

Appreciation for June Rubicuski

“June has been an absolute rock star! And I really appreciate the personal attention you’ve given to me and Richter Studios.

It’s refreshing to find that there are still entrepreneurial companies out there to work with who are willing to go the extra mile.

As I said to June, I would never consider going elsewhere so I’m confident we’ll work together again.

Thanks Mark!!”

– Ed G.

Positive Seigle’s Experiences and Gratitude for Allyson Sanchez

“Eighteen years ago, I had walked into the doors of Seigle’s on North Ave. Even after all those years, I still remember the positive experience of working with your people (Mike Amato) for my kitchen remodeling project.

After eighteen years of service, the cabinets needed to have some hinges replaced. I talked to Allyson in your Elgin facility. To best match the hinges that needed replacement, I drove out to your place in Elgin from Morton Grove. Allyson knew immediately what I needed. In my brief time, with Allyson, You had stepped into the reception room and introduced yourself. Few things surprise me, but when the President of a company takes a minute of his time to introduce himself and give thanks for previous business, I was very impressed. As I used to believe, you must also. “MY CUSTOMERS ARE MY BUSINESSES LIFE BLOOD”

Thanks again to you and to Allyson. I’ve shared my experience of last Thursday with Seigle’s with numerous people. Seigle’s will always be my first and only recommendation for cabinets.”

– Bill E.

Bathroom Cabinets at Hampshire Home a Success!

“Another cabinet vendor had assured me I was getting rock bottom prices. The Seigles quote beat their price by far, and I liked the cabinets even better.

We couldn’t be happier with the entire process. Tracey Paulson, sales and design consultant, was available to answer all of my questions, help me find the best product for my needs, and everything was even delivered ahead of schedule. I would recommend Seigle’s to anyone in the market for cabinets.”
– Janis D.

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