Mark Seigle Climbs the Willis Tower for a Cause

Recently, Mark Seigle, President of Seigle’s Cabinet Center, climbed the 2,109 steps and 103 flights of the Willis Tower. You might ask, is he crazy? While we’re sure there are some out there who would answer yes, in this case, he had a few great reasons. “Not only was this a fundraiser for a very deserving cause, it was a personal challenge to see if I could climb the largest set of stairs in the United States,” said Seigle. He was climbing to raise money for The Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, the #1 Rehabilitation Hospital in America, as ranked by the US News & World Report, which offers high quality patient care and treatments that improve and eliminate the effects of injury, disease and debilitating health conditions.

In case you are wondering, he was, in fact, able to finish the climb. He completed it in 30:57 minutes, which is great, considering it takes the average participant 30-45 minutes to complete. He also didn’t train specifically for the climb, although he routinely works out and loves to ride his bike. (The record time is 13:09, set in 2009. Mark has a little way to go to beat that record!)

Here’s a picture of Mark making the climb. He’s listening to Classic Rock, cranked to the max.

Mark Seigle

This was Mark’s first time participating, but it he enjoyed it so much that it probably won’t be his last.

Way to go, Mark! If you appreciate the cause, you can still donate to the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago here.

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