Seigle’s Earns Gold from Diamond/Decora

We are proud to announce that Seigle’s has earned GOLD recognition from Diamond/Decorá for our 2012 sales activity. We happily accepted the honor earlier this week. Seigle’s was the only dealer in the market to achieve this status.


Seigle’s qualified for the Gold award with the combined sales of Decorá and Diamond Cabinetry, which increased over 2011 by 47%.

Diamond Cabinetry is a leading semi-custom cabinet manufacturer in the US, offering designer colors, in-cabinet storage, and organization innovations, combined with the quality you deserve. Every miter, every hinge, every inch is backed by a rock-solid MasterBrand warranty.

Exquisite detail and superior service separates Decorá from the rest. Decorá offers high quality and a wide variety of choices. When you order Decorá, your cabinetry is constructed from scratch, to your exacting specifications, by the most experienced fine cabinetmakers in the nation. Special orders are the Decorá specialty, and it shows in the impeccable functionality, fit and fashion.

Schedule an appointment to find out more about ordering Diamond or Decorá cabinetry from Seigle’s.

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