Zillow Digs: Check Out Remodeled Rooms and Their Estimated Costs

We recently found a site anyone remodeling a home should consider visiting: Zillow Digs. Like Houzz and Pinterest, this site allows you to view pictures that people have posted or that Zillow pulled from home listings so you can be inspired for your own home remodel. But Zillow Digs takes it a step further and allows you to see the estimated cost to replicate each remodel. Zillow hired contractors to come up with these costs, so you can have a real idea of whether this remodel is within reach of your budget.

A few things you can do on the site:
• Search by which space you are remodeling, the style that you like, or cost
• Search for elements from a room, like “granite” or “quartz” if you are considering a specific material, design element, or brand
• Each image has an estimate in the corner
• Like images and save to your boards, similar to Pinterest
• Like or comment on images to leave your thoughts

Here’s a Washington Post article about this site, where you can get more information.

Check out Zillow Digs to inspire your remodeling project, and stay within budget. If you like particular cabinets or countertops make an appointment at Seigles so we can get you an estimate to make your dreams a reality!


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