3D Virtual Kitchens Offered Free to Seigle’s Customers

When you are looking for a new kitchen, you can visit our showrooms to pick out the brand and style of cabinets you like. Then look through our cabinet samples to see, feel, and pick out colors. Even if your selected cabinets are displayed in a showroom, it’s often difficult to visualize what they will look like within your space.

That is why Seigle’s offers 3D kitchen designs for our customers. Once we have the specs of the space, we can create your “virtual” kitchen to help the homeowner visualize what the finished kitchen could look like. We can draw the desired wood, door style, and color. We can even incorporate peripherals that may have an impact on the design, like a homeowner’s table and chairs, lighting ideas, curved walls, or vaulted ceilings. Best of all you can view our virtual kitchen from any angle.3D kitchen design

This service helps us to explain to the homeowner what we plan to do, and it helps the homeowners to tell us if we are on the right track, or if we need to make any changes. Before the construction begins, the homeowners can see and look forward to the finished product.

Offering 3D kitchens helps to ensure our customers are satisfied. We are happy to provide the service free to help make decisions easier for the homeowner.

If you’d like to visualize your new kitchen, contact Seigle’s today!

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