Customer Testimonial: Appreciation and loyalty for Seigle’s

Dear Sir,

Eighteen years ago, I had walked into the doors of Seigle’s on North Ave. Even after all those years, I still remember the positive experience of working with your people (Mike Amato) for my kitchen remoldeling project.

After eighteen years of service, the cabinets needed to have some hinges replaced. I talked to Allyson in your Elgin facility. To best match the hinges that needed replacement, I drove out to your place in Elgin from Morton Grove. Allyson knew immediately what I needed. In my brief time, with Allyson, You had stepped into the reception room and introduced yourself. Few things surprise me, but when the President of a company takes a minute of his time to introduce himself and give thanks for previous business, I was very impressed. As I used to believe, you must also. “MY CUSTOMERS ARE MY BUSINESSES LIFE BLOOD”

Thanks again to you and to Allyson. I’ve shared my experience of last Thursday with Seigle’s with numerous people. Seigle’s will always be my first and only recommendation for cabinets.

Best regards,
Bill E.

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