Seigles and Metrostudy are looking for one more roommate!

When I bought back the cabinet division, I inherited more office space than we needed for just cabinet and countertops.  Well, a lot more space than we needed — and much of it furnished too.   It’s really nice space so I approached Metrostudy’s Chris Huekstedt with my idea for sharing the space with his Chicago office so we both could take advantage of the cost savings.  While this partnership in space alone was effective, we quickly realized our work in the same industry offered us even more synergy in the form of sharing contacts, industry news, not just amenities.

So we’re looking for one more related company (home builder, remodeler, design firm, architectural firm, etc.) to share some space with us. The space is located at 1331 Davis Road in Elgin, IL, and up to 2,900 sq feet is available, as well as, full access to the shared conference rooms, kitchen, lunch room, reception area and bathrooms.

View the slideshow below to see some photos of the office space:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Click here to get more details about this available space.

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