Incorporating Granite into your Home Design

If you are looking to incorporate nature into your design consider the use of natural stone for your counter surfaces. Typical stones used in kitchen and bath environments are granite, marble and soapstone with the most common and durable being granite.

Granite is always right at home in your kitchen and with hundreds of colors and patterns to choose from, granite brings a unique “one of a kind” look to your project that evokes luxury and quality. What’s more, advanced science in sealers will protect your granite even in the most demanding environments for years to come.

Using an expert is key in achieving the best results in performance and aesthetics. As a long standing trusted name in the industry Seigle’s is your expert. You can always count on them to provide only grade “A” quality stone along with “state of the art” fabrication technology. The results will always be a “best in class” finished product.

Come check out our great selection of granite. We look forward to topping off your next kitchen! And if you are interested in learning more, schedule an appointment today.

Also, don’t forget that we’re offering a $500 gift card for granite through June 29, 2012 for any new customer who purchases $7,500 or more in cabinetry from Seigle’s, or an existing customer who exceeds prior year’s purchases by $7,500 (during the same period)! Seigle’s has a great cabinet and granite selection, unbeatable prices, and expert design consultants to help you.

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