Marble kitchen island with all the right curves: Success Story

We recently completed a beautiful marble kitchen island in Buffalo Grove using Valley Gold Marble in an Antique Finish. Here’s what our Kitchen Design Consultant Stacy Carsello had to say about the finished product:

My client was in love with the beauty of marble for the kitchen but was aware of marble’s limitations for the kitchen. The compromise was making the island the focal point with the Valley Gold Marble. The client had a picture of a marble island from a magazine, and I was determined to give her that look. The marble was laminated around the edge to give it a 6 cm thickness with a double ogee edge.

The curves of the island were key to the design. Behind the scenes, the challenge was to achieve those curves and thickness and still maintain the proper distance between the island and perimeter. The lamination and double thickness require a greater overhang. Working closely with our fabricator’s engineering department, we were able achieve those curves. The end result… a happy customer.

If you’d like to see more success stories and examples of unique, beautiful kitchen design, join our elist.

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